Are you interested in having FUN and a CHALLENGING learning experience?

If the answer is YES… WHY not come and check out the ARMY CADETS!

Army Cadets is a challenging Youth Program that is free to join. But time and dedication are required. The Sponsoring Commitee will need help with fundraising activities and the staff will need your support in participation and dedication.

Army Cadets works on the star level program that is supported by the Department of National Defence. This does not mean you have to join the Army. The Cadet movement gives youth from 12 to 18 years of age, the opportunity to learn life skills they can use in everyday life. Skills such as: leadership, citizenship, drill, fieldcraft, map and compass, public speaking, marksmanship, and physical fitness. Each star level adds just a little bit more to your knowledge base. Optional training nights for range, biathlon, first aid as well as weekend exercises to practice your new found skills, are also available.

Cadets are elligible to attend national summer camps across Canada. Courses of 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 6 weeks are available every summer to dedicated individuals. All expenses are paid and you will even earn a little spending money as well. And as you advance in your cadet career, opportunities for overseas travel, to places such as England, Germany, Sweden, and Korea are available. And again, all expenses are paid.

For more information on this exciting program

Contact the 1705 BCD Cadets:
Captain Mitch Steck or Lt Irene Wangler
(250) 503-1705
Parade: Tuesday Night
1815hrs (6:15pm) to 2130hrs (9:30pm)
Brigadier Murphy Armouries
1900 29th St, Vernon, B.C.
Contact the 903 BCD Cadets
2Lt Chris Routledge
Parade: Tuesday Night
1800hrs (6:00pm) to 2130hrs (9:30pm)
Brigadier Angle Armouries
720 Lawrence Ave Kelowna B.C

For more info go to

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